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"A culture is like an immune system. It operates through the laws of systems, just like a body. If a body has an infection, the immune system deals with it. Similarly, a group enforces its norms, either actively or passively." - Henry Cloud




Performance Improvement



Strategic Communications

Facilitation &

DiSC Assessment

Commit your organization to a shared identity and purpose for improving the people experience 

Understand your personality preferences and those of the people with whom you engage, then flex to make people engagement easier for everyone!

Drive consistency and efficiency through your organization 

Increase your organizational capacity to deliver and receive information, and compel people to a shared purpose 

Organize and manage real data to inform your business-critical decisions 

We adhere to the spirit of classic management consultancies where smart, experienced professionals enable leaders and organizations to improve their business performance through analysis of perceived problems and provision of recommendations for improvement. Through our robust client service offerings, we work to deliver self-awareness and introspective understanding on the people that drive your culture.

For all of your people needs, ChangeSmith also compliments our services with certified Everything DiSC Assessment capabilities. ​As Jim Collins suggested, we don't build you a clock, we teach you how to tell time.



Coaching & Development

More than 70% of all major transformation efforts fail. Why? Because organizations do not take a consistent, holistic approach to changing themselves, nor do they effectively engage their people.

Develop and engage a team of effective, invested, purpose-driven people, and improve people engagement at all levels 

If you would like to learn more about how ChangeSmith supports our clients, please contact us.


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