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In the alchemy of successful business transformation, Organizational Change Management (“OCM” or “People change”) is the heat that enables the reaction.  


ChangeSmith was founded in 2015 with the purpose of helping leaders to enable a remarkable experience for people.  Initially, solutions were focused exclusively on Change but we struggled to gain traction without influencing the Culture in which the fundamental behaviors and norms allow changes to take root.  After a brief while focusing on Change and Culture, we learned that even well-rooted changes failed to become sustainable without Leadership that would embrace and encourage those changes.  Organizational Health then refers to the effective and sustainable alignment of Change, Culture, and Leadership behaviors for the purpose of enabling a remarkable experience for people.  

The Pink Butterfly memorializes the baby girl whose incredible courage inspired the formation of this company.  A butterfly is also a common metaphor of our clients' investment [the chrysalis] in culture as a most valuable - and beautiful - asset.  In Japan, the butterfly is sometimes seen as the personification of a person's soul, much in the same way that we see culture as the soul of an organization. This parallels the ancient Greek for butterfly, ψυχή, which translates to "soul" or "mind."  When an organization’s people are of a common mind, its culture becomes an invaluable business differentiator.  This is what ChangeSmith wants for our clients.

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