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ChangeSmith delivery teams are comprised of healthy leaders selected from our network of experienced management consultants, executive coaches, organizational designers, HR generalists, and facilitators. 


Our leadership team includes:

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Chris Smith


  • Education:  Williams College | University of Virginia, SEAS & Darden School | Georgetown University, McDonough School

  • Prior Experience:  Booz Allen Hamilton | PwC | Bearingpoint

  • Certifications:  Change Management Advanced Practitioner (CMAP) | Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) | LaMarsh Master of Managed Change | Project Management Professional (PMP), Corentus Team Coach

  • Client Sector(s):  Federal (Civilian, Intel), Commercial, Trade Associations

  • Education:  United States Military Academy at West Point | Georgetown University, McDonough School

  • Prior Experience:  Booz Allen Hamilton | Bearingpoint | United States Army

  • Certifications:  Change Management Advanced Practitioner (CMAP) | Six Sigma Green Belt & Lean / DFSS | Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • Client Sector(s):  Federal (Civilian, Intel, Defense), Commercial, Trade Associations

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.35.13 PM.png

Chris O'Connor

For ChangeSmith, each client engagement is an opportunity for collaboration - an opportunity to grow together.  Often, one of the first questions we will ask is: ‘How should we expect people to behave differently as a result of our work together?’  We explore the cultural infrastructure to identify with precision why people behave the way that they do.  In this way, we build trust and create accountability.  Then we appeal to both rational and emotional perspectives, and encourage the provision of support and the removal of barriers to orchestrate sustainable business transformation.  We influence these conditions so that healthy leaders can change the game.


TeamChangeSmith holds itself to the same healthy standards with which we support our clients.  We had an energizing and fun workshop examining our purpose, setting goals for the next six months, assigning responsibilities, and establishing the metrics by which we'll hold ourselves accountable.  

ChangeSmith Executive Team Offsite from Arlington,VA, October 2021

Chris and Chris present on The Importance of Healthy Leaders for a National trade association. In their session, they introduced Organizational Health, influenced leaders to be healthy, and provided key takeaways to help participants manage health for sustainable outcomes.   

LeadingAge Annual Conference,Virtual from Arlington,VA, June 2021

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The "Two CHRISes" participated in #UnCo2020 and had the opportunity to meet Table Group founder and Organizational Health legend Pat Lencioni!  


Check out his latest book - The Motive - for valuable, actionable, and healthy leadership insights.

Unconference, Dallas, TX, March 2020

Chris and Chris represent ChangeSmith at the annual Gala for the Juliet Grace Smith Foundation.    

Both Chrises are members of the Board for the VA-based 501(c)3 organization, and are honored to advance its purpose of enabling a better NICU experience for preemies and their families.

Juliet's Gala, Arlington, VA, November 2019

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