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ChangeSmith is an Organizational Health company… and being Healthy means putting people first.

 What if the most important  thing leaders did every day  was to take care of their  people?


Organizational Health can be defined as...

  • Minimizing Politics

  • Minimizing Confusion

  • Increasing Morale

  • Increasing Productivity

  • Decreasing Turnover


...and can be advanced and sustained through the provision of

Cohesion and Clarity.          

Organizational Health is the most valuable advantage that a leader can enable for people. 

ChangeSmith collaborates with our clients to influence HEALTHY change, culture, and leadership practices in FIVE distinct ways:


In the game of business, leaders are held accountable for performance and outcomes.  People having a remarkable experience are statistically far more likely to demonstrate higher levels of performance and achieve more sustainable outcomes.  Healthy leaders play the game differently.  Organizational Health is about influencing the conditions that enable remarkable people experiences.


When healthy leaders change the game. . .  taking care of people becomes the business.

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"Few activities will seem more worthy of the effort of leaders and more impactful on the lives  of people than making  an organization healthy."

New York City, NY, USA

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