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As Organizational Health advocates, ChangeSmith cannot help but see organizations through a healthy lens that focuses on two fundamental people concepts: Cohesion and Clarity. Cohesion refers to a team’s ability to build and sustain behaviors associated with trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and shared pursuit of results. Cohesive teams will generate real competitive advantages by mitigating risk and waste, increasing productivity, decreasing turnover and attrition, and turbo-charging employee / staff satisfaction. But the most important, most valuable advantage of a cohesive leadership team rests in its ability to drive Clarity through the rest of the organization. Clarity can be understood as a natural evolution from cohesive leaders who then create, communicate, and reinforce a shared path towards and model the specific behaviors meant to characterize the broader stakeholder experience. Only though a healthy commitment to Clarity can teams get the right people on the bus, seated in the right seats, and heading in the right direction. 


At ChangeSmith, we organize our solutions by Delivery Modality and Area of Thought Leadership. Want to learn more? Navigate our capabilities by "What We Do" and by "How We Do It".


ChangeSmith can help. 💖🦋

Areas of Thought Leadership - or “What we do” - refer to the types of people and business challenges to which our solutions can be applied. ChangeSmith continues to design and deploy offerings that align to these solution areas.

Offerings can be a good place to start when you have made some progress in identifying the challenge. For example: 

  • Our team might be experiencing problems with trust.

  • My program can’t seem to sustain high performance.

  • Team members are asking for professional development, but we can’t decide what to do.

  • I think we may have outgrown our culture. 







Delivery Modalities - or “How we do it” - refer to the methods and toolkit that we apply as we influence organizations with people and business solutions.


Modalities can be a good place to start when you think you might already know what you need.  For example: 

  • We need a facilitator for our upcoming offsite.

  • I have a new executive team members who needs a coach.

  • Our Senior Leadership Team is struggling and we need a team coach.

  • This change is a bigger deal that we anticipated. We need an Org Change expert consultant.

Many of our client engagements are multi-modal.


team coaching




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