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ChangeSmith consultants bring leadership experience from consulting firms such as PwC, IBM, Bearingpoint, and Booz Allen Hamilton, and include thought leaders in Organizational Change Management best practices and methods.

Our team commitment to professional services capacity and continuous learning is demonstrated by relevant industry certifications including:

  • Change Management Advanced Practitioner (CMAP)

  • Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP)

  • Master of Managed Change (LaMarsh)

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • Six Sigma Green Belt & Lean / DFSS

Our team is cleared to support client organizations across the Federal government.


At ChangeSmith, we like to say: CHANGE is our first name.  

We influence the conditions for sustainable people change for the organization through an individual and collective change journey.  While every organization is different, there are common artifacts that can determine the need for change management and the support necessary for success. These aspects of an organization’s culture – its beliefs, values, and processes are vital to any successful transition.


How do you know you need Organizational Change Management?

  • Large, complex business or technical transformations require people to behave differently in order to realize benefits

  • Significant organizational restructuring (due to expansion or global growth) sets new expectations on ways of being

  • Merger or acquisition of new company or division creates opportunity to benefit from multiple cultures

  • Prior to initiation of New Agency or Office mandate realigns culture towards mission, vision, and purpose

  • Personal Transformations – Individuals transition to new areas of responsibility or promotion with aspirations for success

What role does ChangeSmith play in Organizational Change Management?

We start by working to understand how people want to or should behave differently as an outcome of our time together.  Then we collaborate with stakeholders, share our deep experience in methods and execution, and architect a sensible solution that positions people for a positive change experience.  We encourage our client-leaders to put people first:  How will the change impact them?  What will be different for them?  What do they need now and what do they need to know to be successful?  How will they need to adjust their thinking, skills, daily habits?  In the transformed space – how will they think and act differently? What stressors are brought about by our transformation, and how can we minimize them?

What outcomes does ChangeSmith expect?

While specific outcomes are unique to each client, we always anticipate three things to happen:

  • Our clients will build Change capacity - change muscle memory - and be better at change for future changes

  • Our clients will increase trust through a transparent change approach, which puts people first

  • Our clients will experience greater business results due to smoother and more sustainable change solutions 

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