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ChangeSmith professionals are certified in the Corentus Team Coaching methodology.


The sophistication of the Team Coaching modality is derived from the practitioner's ability to deliver significant impacts with minimal levels of interruption to our client's regular business rhythms.  

Team Coaching engagements start with interviews and data collection from team members to establish an awareness baseline. Then, in coaching both the team leader and the team, we observe outcomes, patterns, and norms among other relevant behaviors and communication patterns to create perspective.  Finally, we make moves - these are subtle, yet targeted coaching influences delivered during real business meetings - which advance team awareness, build team cohesion, and  dramatically increase effectiveness. 

Our team is cleared to support client organizations across the Federal government.

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ChangeSmith follows the Corentus method, an application of more than 25 years of organizational theory, research, and practice. This method represents a uniquely powerful approach to working with teams—in real time, in the context of real work, to produce real, sustainable results.   

Organizations value the Corentus method for its focus on real work and real results; integration of best practices in teaming methodologies; and measurable, lasting effects on team performance.  

Team Coaching is an ideal compliment to any initiative intended to advance Organizational Health and empower Healthier Leaders.

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