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Organizations face the same challenges

  • Change is hard ... people resist 

  • Culture is an undervalued asset

  • Leadership capabilities and skills are inconsistently mastered 

  • Communication requires both engagement skills and something to say

  • Alignment to purpose demands patience, discipline, and most importantly trust

  • All people want to feel appreciated

  • People struggle to balance operational and aspirational aspects of their work

We ask a lot of questions...

What is the most important thing you do?

Are strategy and culture aligned?

How well do people share a purpose?

Are people passionate about their work?

What behaviors are encouraged?

Are you building change capacity or reacting?

Are you collecting people or building a team?

Are you measuring the right things?

Do you enable trust, conflict, commitment, and accountability?

What does "winning" really look like?

What type of experience are you enabling?

We execute our services through the lenses of change, culture, and leadership to enable organizations to provide a better experience for people

When people get what they need, organizations get what they need!


ChangeSmith clients are bold, ambitious leaders who:

  • Think and act like owners

  • Are not satisfied with the status quo

  • Want a sparring partner to challenge them

  • Seek a personal trainer to push them to their best - not a “yes-man”

  • Understand their purpose

About Services


We're always thinking about Change, Culture, and Leadership, and how they impact the experience.  

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a social experiment

Two groups were given the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets. One group got the auto-generated numbers while the other got to choose their numbers.  Just before the drawing, both groups had an opportunity to sell-back their tickets.  


The cost to buy-back the tickets from those who chose their own numbers was 70% higher.  When people have an opporunity to invest themselves, the experience is more valuable.  Savvy leaders create this dynamic in the workplace.  


Do you empower your people to pick their own numbers?  

ChangeSmith can help.

"From this day on, words like 'I,' 'me,' and 'my' will no longer be part of your vocabulary.  They will be replaced with words like 'we,' 'together,' and 'us. '"

This is how it begins.

(Adapted from Day 1 Intro, US Marine Corps boot camp)

Put people first

It's about people

...when people get what they need, organizations get what they need.

  • People need to be enabled and invested

  • People need a compelling vision

  • People need a great culture, suited to the unique identity and purpose of their organization

  • People need trust, respect, and exceptional leadership 

Lincoln's "...of the people by the people for the people" makes sense at work too


12 Sept 1962,  Houston, TX:  President Kennedy alerted his audience at Rice and throughout the world that we choose to go to the moon...not because it is easy, but because it is hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.

Soon thereafter, JFK visited NASA where he met an employee sweeping the floor.  After exchanging introductions, the President asked the man about his role to which he answered, "Mr. President - I'm helping to send a man to the moon."

How compelling is your organizational purpose?  And how well do your people demonstrate it?  


ChangeSmith can help.

Why ChangeSmith?

We’ve seen the challenges, we’ve overcome the resistance, we’ve read the experts’ books, we’ve earned the degrees and certifications, and we have the experience -

all of this is ready to share with you  

  • Failure is a legitimate risk in any business initiative - we improve your odds of not failing  

  • We coach you how to define, develop, encourage, and incentivize the human capital and learning behaviors that make your people want to be better

  • We provide you with approaches based on how the smartest, most savvy businesses and leaders are leveraging culture and compelling people to perform at higher levels

  • We know our people and culture strategies work because the best leaders and companies in the world use them

  • We don’t ask you to consume a service, we ask you, based on overwhelming business evidence, to make an investment - an investment in you


If you build it, will they come?


ChangeSmith can help.

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