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Change is hard.


In the alchemy of a successful organization, people and culture are intrinsically connected. Change is not an ingredient, but rather the heat that joins these two most valuable business ingredients. 


ChangeSmith was founded to help people have a better professional experience. We believe that a common trait among successful organizations is the consistent investment made in people. Our clients are savvy leaders who understand that fulfilled people, having a meaningful professional experience represents a differentiator for business success.  ChangeSmith coaches our clients through the improvement of management levers such as processes, communications, performance, and corporate culture to facilitate a rewarding people experience. We enable the heat to help the people that help organizations succeed.  


Management consulting of the people by the people for the people • ChangeSmith


Client results

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Culture ID

Culture ID

A fast-growing energy company struggled with consistent identity and purpose. We partnered to create a culture with singularity of focus and common core values resulting in clearer corporate purpose, more transparent and consistent strategic communications, and a strong platform from which to continue to grow.

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

A local restaurant was committed to outstanding customer service, but was delivering it at the expense of the employee experience. We collaborated to make adjustments to key processes and changed the incentive structure to encourage different behaviors from both staff and team leaders resulting in a shared focus and new organizational level of excitement that better enabled the outstanding customer service that was important to the ownership.

Change Management

Change Management

At ChangeSmith, we must also hold ourselves to the high culture standards of identity and purpose. We are committed to being bold and brave in helping organizations align to their cultural DNA and maximize a meaningful experience in which their employees can be extraordinary.

Business Transformation of the people, by the people, for the people


ChangeSmith is the management consulting firm of choice for leaders seeking enduring transformation based on the strengths of the cultural identity and purpose that characterize each unique organization.  Together we will build an environment in which your people find meaning in performing at their best.  We want to help you draft your “man on the moon” story. Business is always about people, and we’re passionate about people.

Organizational Health lives at the intersection of enabling behaviors and driving results. 

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ChangeSmith designs and develops custom content, complimented by market-leading program solutions such as Everything DiSC. Our ambition is to facilitate innovative, dynamic experiences that drive impactful change and promote the specific behaviors that should characterize your teams and organizational culture.

Know thyself was a valuable aphorism for the ancient Greeks, and it’s a pretty good business principle today too. This can only be achieved when you understand your identity and your purpose. Shared purpose is a common trait for all successful teams, but the process of aligning staff to a purpose can be a significant challenge. Let ChangeSmith guide your team along the right path. Sometimes the best solution isn’t the best solution for you.  Understanding why can make all the difference. 

ChangeSmith is committed to staffing the highest quality and most experienced consultants during each phase of every engagement. We employ an unobtrusive, collaborative style while working as catalysts alongside talented and committed people in our client organizations. Our consortium of experts, working with you side-by-side as an integrated, cohesive team reflects a business model that we believe offers our clients the best service for their investment.


This business model allows us the flexibility to harness our team of experts as appropriate to ensure that your organization or team receives the best talent possible to address your unique scenarios. The result: your people work with the right advisor for the task, rather than whomever happens to be available. You benefit from the experience and expertise associated with larger, top-tier consulting firms, while at the same time enjoy the level of attention and customer focus associated with boutique firms.

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