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How should we expect people to behave differently as a result of our work together?

Our Delivery Modalities (aka "How we do it") demonstrate balance between a remarkable people experience and the realization of shared business outcomes.  For ChangeSmith, each client engagement is an opportunity for collaboration - an opportunity to grow together.  We explore the cultural infrastructure to identify with precision why people behave the way that they do.  In this way, we build trust and create accountability.  Then we appeal to both rational and emotional perspectives, and encourage the provision of support and the removal of barriers to orchestrate sustainable business transformation. 


We influence these conditions in five distinct modalities so that healthy leaders can change the game.


Approach: Collaboration and assessment followed by recommendations and expert advisory support 


Practitioner Responsibility: Provide relevant and actionable analysis and advice 


Direct Outcomes: Expertise and understanding of what needs to be accomplished to achieve a desired outcome 


Team Performance Impact: Recommendations to which the team can commit and implement, and which may have positive effects on their work



Approach: Learning curriculum delivered through reading, teaching, and exercises


Practitioner Responsibility: Accurately and effectively communicate subject matter; facilitate knowledge transfer


Outcomes: Increased knowledge and understanding of a given subject area; acquisition of new skills


Team Performance Impact: Practiced skills may be transferred over into real work situations

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Approach: Active guidance and leadership of a specified method, process, or tool during a planned meeting or work session 


Practitioner Responsibility: Implementing the method, process, or tool effectively to drive the team’s desired results 


Direct Outcomes: Achievement of a specific team goal or deliverable 


Team Performance Impact: Encouraged by the progress they’ve made, the team leader and members may adopt useful facilitator behaviors and/or a new method, process, or tool



Approach: Targeted intervention based on the specific needs of one individual team member or leader


Practitioner Responsibility: Provide listening, strategy, and leverage of experience to expand perspectives and insights


Direct Outcomes: Greater awareness of presence and how the individual or leader ‘shows-up’ with the team 


Team Performance Impact: New and broader perspectives can immediately help to bridge gaps in teams and contribute to high levels of shared performance


team coaching

Approach: Real-time interventions during regular team meetings and work sessions 


Practitioner Responsibility: Sharing in-the-moment observations and questions that expand team awareness and potential for change 


Direct Outcomes: Immediate improvements in awareness, skills, and effectiveness 


Team Performance Impact: Positive changes in individual and team performance can be observed and reinforced right away 

Modality definitions credit: Corentus
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